Out with the Old . . .

The enemy is relentless. He’s like wild dogs ripping away your flesh, exposing your insides and then starting in on your organs. And just when you think he’s finished he starts to gnaw on your bones, sucking out your marrow. When you think that’s enough and he’s finished, satan calls more dogs, to viscously attack. He sends another after another, after another, after another. They’re blood thirsty, not satisfied until the very essence of your being is destroyed. Until the mere shadow of your existence has vanished. And even then, he’s not satisfied, he wants more. A vampire would be a compliment, he’s worse, he is the darkest and coldest of nights, the tornado and hurricane of all storms, ripping through the minds of souls, eating your brain, pouring poison into your spirits, spreading lies like a virus, infecting hearts with sicknesses and disease, brain washing generations, the true creator of “the walking dead“…

The very thing that kills us he has disguised as fruit, and he unsympathetically laughs as he watches us consume more and more until total extermination. The author of “misery loves company.” The goal and purpose is genocide.

But! Be encouraged, nothing is taking place that the creator isn’t allowing. Much like my savior who’s flesh was torn, and ripped to shreds beyond recognition, the old must be torn away. It’s time for a new body, a new spirit and a new temple. A pure and holy place where the Lord can dwell. So rip it away, tear it down, take it away. Out with the old and in with new! Give me a clean heart so I will serve NOBODY but you!!!

As my pops always used to say during my sister’s and I growth stages and times of testing our limits and maturing, “You wanna go to war with me?!

Well let’s go!!!

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone.

Revelation 21:1

To God be the glory.

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