A Rising Star! Dominique ‘zHundred’ Davis

As a fellow Georgia Southern University Alumni, I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing this talented young man for a few years now! My personal memory of zHundred is hearing him sing his heart out day and night from his college apartment bedroom, perfecting his craft! And there is no denying, when you hear his strong, electric, yet soulful and passionate voice, that he is headed in one direction…. and that’s up!

Born in Monterey Bay, California, Dominique “zHundred” Davis immediately became immersed into a well diverse environment due to him being the son of U.S. Military workers, Darren and Debbie Davis and traveling the world. Davis embraced varieties of different cultures while gaining a creative mindset, which he later infused into art and music. Davis’s first inquiry of music began during the summer of 2008 after recording himself on his brother, LaDarius “Kayez” Thomas’s equipment. Surprised by the results, several family and friends instantly began to support Davis, which is when Davis discovered his niche in life.

With the support and backing from his family and friends, Davis began his journey to pursuing his career in music during his undergraduate years at Georgia Southern University. While obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry Davis met Lewis “Slimm Duddy” Price, song writer and artist, and they began to collaborate on different songs creating a concoction of songs that became known as the “Sex and Roses” mixtape.

Still trying to find himself in music Davis came across K. Dawson, engineer/producer, which not only evolved into a good friendship but a great business relationship. Tyreal Lewis from Real Streetz Promotions and Major7 are also musical pioneers that have had a hand in helping to develop Davis as an artist and his project. Another major player in creating this soon-to-been highly esteemed artist is L.A. The Boom Man, who has done extensive work in guiding Davis as an artist as well as marketing and promoting him. With a mixtape under his belt, an engineer that helped Davis discover and fine tune his musical sound, and collaborations with musical trailblazers, zHundred was born and Davis’s career began to take off.

Now approaching several years of experience Davis has developed a unique writing and singing style amplifying his potential to be named amongst the best. He is establishing himself as a song writer first, then an artist. Unlike most artists, Davis has written and recorded R&B, pop, inspirational, and alternative records but chooses not to be placed in one genre of music, “I would prefer not to be categorized into any specific genre as it would limit me from the creative freedom to do what I want artistically.” Davis’s ultimate goal as a song writer/artist is not only to provide the public ear with something creative, distinct, and unique but to help those in need. He hopes to do this through the implementation of programs aimed at the youth and those in rehabilitation. “I love making music. It’s my niche and I can do it all day, but my purpose in becoming successful is to help those who can’t help themselves-or just need that extra push.”

If you’re looking for Davis now, you can find him either at Georgia Southern University working hard on his studies or in Atlanta at the studio working even harder with super producers such as KEONTHETRACK (known for beats behind hit records like “Swag Surfin” and “All The Way Turnt Up”), as well as other local Atlanta artists to create a solid resume of unique sounds. So when that opportunity presents itself he can take full advantage of it and spread his unique, “game changing” music to the rest of the world.

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