Drug addicts to life . . .


We’re all searching.

It feels like being in the middle of a desert that has yet to be discovered.
I see others and although we can see each other it’s like there’s nothing we can do for one another.

We are all looking up and around waiting  on something, for someone to come and save us, to take us out of this land.

I feel dessserted, but not dehydrated.
Despite my circumstances I feel secure.
There is a feeling of desertion in my spirit but I refuse to believe I am alone, because you told me you would never leave me and I believe you.

I don’t want to fall into temptation and influence to temporarily take the place of you…

We are all drug addicts, addicted to pain killers and fillers, trying to ease the pains of life and experiences.

It’s like we’re numb to our pain, we’re so used to it that we’d rather feel it than be rehabilitated. We’re addicted to the ups and downs and highs and lows. Using other people, drugs, sex, and money to ease the pain.

God can nurse us to a health we can not imagine, but we are afraid.

Lord help us!!! I pray!!

Lord, come through like a flood, and cleanse us of our weaknesses and impurities.

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