Family. Is supposed to be a unit of people whom you can remove all of your layers around. Not worry about being examined, judged or deceived. People who know where you’re coming from, who know your heart and soul, so can empathize with you. Pray for you and stand by you.

The criticism, judgements and competitiveness is left to the rest of the world. With family you should be able to let your hair down, relax, not be on trial, or taken advantage of, but filled with hope, love, encouragement and positivity.

A place where you can recharge from what the world daily drains. People who want to see you succeed and excel. Where they won’t always have the answers but will connect to the source that does, for you. Family is a unit specifically designed by God. Where He is the center. And when the world tries to steal your focus, God is where you all look, to regain it.

Of all people in this world each of you have not only seen but experienced the worst and best times with one another. Where you don’t have to prove a thing, because past the social status, physical appearances and age differences, you know the true soul of one another.

The family should be the safe haven, a safe house during the storms and hard times. Where your weakness and your secrets dissappear. Where you forget about the hardships of life and time stands still. Where records of wrong don’t exist. Where your helping hand never gets tired. Where accounts are lost. And Love never runs out.

The family encourages you to do and be your best, because when their is a sickness it affects the entire body. We are strong when we are one. Together we will stand and divided we can’t.

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