“Father’s Be Good to Your Daughters . . .”


As I hand-washed my car this afternoon I began to reflect on my dad, and all of the things I have learned from him. I started at the back of my car and began hearing his voice in my heart, reminding me to wash the car in sections… As I proceeded to the back door I started to wash the tires and I remembered, the tires take some time and detail so to wash those last so that the soap didn’t start to dry on the car… So I quickly moved back up to the door and began washing just the back of the body and so on and so forth. I started reminiscing on many things my father has taught me and I wanted to share with men out there that the magnitude a father’s love has on a daughter is indescribable. My dad’s strength and perseverance has taught me to fight, be strong and never give up, no matter what life throws my way. His honesty and fearlessness has taught me to be just and fair, and stand in the face of adversity, knowing who and who’s I am. His spirit has taught me to be silent, listen, be patient and make sound judgement. He taught me to pay attention to detail and be independent; if no one else will do it for you, you always have yourself. His commitment taught me loyalty and longevity. His “I love yous” make me feel beautiful and his “You’re beautifuls” let me know that I am truly loved. I know that he means it. He has seen me grow, learn, make mistakes, make stupid decisions, be foolish, immature, experiment, fall, get up, become stronger, and be passionate. So when he tells me that I am a princess, I believe him, because to know all there is about me; my fears and tears and still pray for the best; even when I disappoint him he hopes for the best; is patient with my journey; helps me along the way; is there for me; gives me honesty and truth, his love is the realest love one could ever receive from a man… and it started at birth, at home, before any other voice or influence could rebuttal or reject it, manipulate it or neglect it… It was there and it’s never going anywhere. So for all of his sacrifices, long nights, tears, prayers and strength, thank you! Your love means more to me than any other man on this earth could ever even begin to imagine.

Thank you!!

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