Hello again World!

My mind is constantly moving. I feel like I am rapidly growing and sometimes it helps me to check in with myself and see how things are going : ) I’m sure other 24 year old’s can relate, but I have reached a point in my life where I want to know what’s next! I graduated from college and have been working and it is almost 1 year since I moved back home with my family. Now I am ready for something new! Either a promotion on the job, to begin graduate school or do both and relocate. I am ready for a change. Many of my close friends are facing the same situation as well. I heard a really important message at church this past Sunday that I think is the answer to my prayers. Pastor told the church that when your hand is full, you don’t have room to receive anything new, so you need to share what God has blessed you with. This allows room for God to pour something new into your hand. God instructs us to:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33 (King James Version)

Pastor explained that we have to set our hearts and minds on the will of God for our lives and his purpose versus our own wants and desires. Also we have to have the mind of helping others and setting goals that will benefit others and God will bless us with the desires of our hearts! So I guess the best thing to do is to pray and ask God what his will is for me right now and then let him handle the rest! The hard part is excepting that what HIS will for my life maynot be what my will for my life is but that’s where trusting him comes in. (Also remember that “Good things come to those that WAIT” ). So patience is very important. So far…. He’s NEVER failed me yet!!

Keep me in your prayers!

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