How about a Round of Applause, Standing Ovation… for Our Black Men! (((Claps)))

So often we hear about the negative things that our black men do on a day-to-day basis. Once in a while it’s refreshing, motivating and inspiring to make honorable mention of the positive things that our men have done/do.

Two snaps for our black men who come home every night; for the men who work everyday, provide and set an example for their children and families. This world has never been the land of opportunity for black men, they have had to make things happen for themselves, against every adversity imaginable. But for those that do it and do not give up, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU and no matter what situations you have encountered or are facing, NEVER GIVE UP!

Black men we are depending on you! So many of our children are growing up with the misconception that the measure of a man is by the amount of money in his pocket or the number of women they can sleep with. It takes a real man to show both our young men and women what it takes to be a man and what is expected of a real man. Too many of our black women are left to raise these young men on their own and it is physically, mentally and emotionally IMPOSSIBLE for a women to teach a man how to be a man but for the women who try their BEST to do it, THANK YOU!!

Most men and women today react the way they do in situations in life the only way they know how, (including drug dealing and the “legalized prostitution” mindset that many young ladies have when it comes to survival and their bodies), and the responsibility of teaching them lies on the parents. The world was not meant to raise our children because it is dark and twisted itself! But because “the world” has been most childrens only teacher we have so many lost souls that have totally misconstrued perceptions of what is right/wrong.

It is a tough job but someone has to do it! Thanks, to the men that work a legal profession, no matter how low or high it is considered, in order to provide. Thanks, to the men who treat our black queens the way they are supposed to be treated. Thanks, to the fathers who take the time to raise their children and teach them about life. Thanks, to the black men who show their sons that living lil wayne’s rap artist lifestyle should not be their life’s ultimate goal but that life is hard and there are obstacles that must be overcome but that it’s possible! And to the men who show little girls the way a young man is supposed to treat them. Thank you!

Being a black man in America is not easy, from what I can see, so for those that wake up every morning, pray and try to be the best they can, we applaud you! Your work has not gone unseen and your ultimate reward awates you!

**Noah, Lot, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Augusta Anderson, Roosevelt Gordon, Calvin Pettye, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Emory Addison Jr.,… Thank You!


  • stephanie heard says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful article. It is very uplifting and shows us that we do have positive strong men of color who will and have gone beyond the call of man to provide and show our young men what it is, and how it is to take care of your responsibilities in life. I am proud to say I have been raised by one of those men, Mr Frank D. Heard. I also have had the pleasure of having met Mr Emory Addison Jr who is awesome in our eyes too. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE BLACK MEN.

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