I Believe . . .


I believe in shooting straight while standing firm.

I believe in giving your all or giving nothing at all.

I believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

I believe in spending more time than money, and not spending all your time spending/making money.

I believe that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where.

I believe that being alone equips you to be around other people.

I believe prayer is the most powerful act because you align your entire being with a high power.

I believe that we are not our mistakes, but the lessons that are birthed from them.

I believe that the one who fails most often has the better chance at success.

I believe that courage is birthed from fear.

I believe that the moment we stop learning its he moment we stop living.

I believe that giving open the palms for getting.

I believe that everything we will ever need is already in us and we will journey through life awakening and discovering those things.

I believe that insects were created to keep us humble.

I believe that cheese is golden because it is the condiment of the heavens.

I believe that the winter time was meant to slow us down and bring us closer.

I believe that all good servers, customer service reps, and custodians will go to heaven.

I believe that one who is honest over himself can be trusted to lead a nation.

I believe that character determines the width, length and depth of our existence.

I believe that the legs of a chair represent the life of a servant.

What do you believe?

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