“Love Lifted Me . . .”

Driving home last night, it began to sprinkle a light rain. I looked around and it was as if I was the only one experiencing it. Suddenly my inner peace started to speak and the question arose, “What if these were Jesus’ tears?” I immediately became sorrowful and started reflecting on His purity and how much He’s given and sacrificed. I was overcome with the thought of Him sitting on the thrown in heaven, still working and laboring for His people. Still interceding and intervening for our well-being. Time after time I’ve hurt him and still continue to. But He continues to love me, to care for me, to nurture me, and lead me. I was faced with this question, “Is love enough?” I believe it is. I believe when selfish ways are set aside and when truth outshines lies, love is the only things that will survive. I truly believe that love will prevail, because it has no choice but to. It will be the strongest and withstanding entity, it will grow stronger and taller with each blow, with each lie, with every being that has tried to tear it down. Love will survive all that is currently competing for our minds. Even in hatred there will be love, even in death there will be love. When all has faded and everything has passed on. Love will live, on, long and strong.


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