Love is a journey,
a captivating experience
It began with Adam & Eve
and has been a mystery ever since
Its complex simplicity
its ups and downs
The highs & lows
it elevates as well as grounds
Love is a triangle
a circle within its self,
there is no beginning, no end,
no distinction between lover & friend
Its unconditional, its fair, its unchanging, despite the season
When you love someone, you love them, there doesn’t have to be a reason.
Although love has battles and tribulations to fight,
don’t get entangled by its false imitations and unify with someone who’s not right.
In love there are hills & mountains to endure,
a sickness, illness, a disease without a cure
Its fatality, its pressure, its drunkenness that’s so strong
This beautiful experience that can seem to do no wrong
You just want to be lost in it, drowned by it, forgotten in it despite your surrounding,
Its nature, its truth, its strength can be bounding.
Loves aroma, its texture, its beauty, is one that is impossible to precisely describe, yet its taste can be seen with grace.
The laughter, the joy, the passion, the intensity of this being,
one that is more unexplainable than it seems.
Love has no color, size, shape or form, but is one trend, fad, pleasure, that can be easily conformed.
In it all long to be, but in it in truth, mind, body, soul and spirit is what I see in thee!
By Tiffani Addison

I wrote this poem back in ’07 or ’08 and I was pleasantly surprised when I came across it….

Look out for more throwbacks that I use to write for myself, when I was afraid to share them with even the closest people to me! Now I’m not afraid!! 🙂


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