Males – To – Men


Pardon me if your hello, did not open the window to my soul,
It will take more than a text, “Hey” or “What’s up” to peel back the layers of this fruit.

This flower takes time to blossom and bloom,
You are one of several silently fighting for my attention in the room.

There are no guards or fears, just wisdom and patience,
Nothing permanent will be obtained through lust, mediocrity will not produce greatness.

Where have the roles been reversed?
Why do men feel that they are the prize?

When God clearly laid out the instructions right before our eyes.

I will not give my all to the deception that you call, love.

There’s only one who deserves that, look up… His presence is above.

To Him I am the prize, and to me it is He… If your leadership isn’t the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost how could we ever be.

If you’re listening to the world and I am listening to the Son, it is physically, mentally and spiritually impossible to ever fully become, one.

Eve was made from man, so indeed men are great, but to manipulate and degrade your own rib shows that it’s truly yourself that you hate…

Excuse me if I am not hypnotized by your lies,
I am awake and alive and I realize,
That it takes more than a smile, a nice build or money in the bank,

Oh no, don’t shut down, run, or shy away, it’s my job to be frank.

This will take more, much, much more and with God I will continuously elevate,
It will take a man, a man of God to even begin to comprehend the scent of my soul that will captivate.

This level is incomprehensible to most, and unrecognizable to some,
What I am saying is that if God is not the head of your life please do not even approach.

I can do without the meaningless conversations, I do not crave the presence of the emptiness you embody… You see, I am complete so whoever God sends to me will only compliment me.

Try to grasp that I could care less about the number in your account, or the designer you are enslaved to, none of that amounts, to the higher calling I have been engraved to, become.

My Lord is the only One.

Let me tell you what example of a man I have been given… A man who walked this filthy earth sinless and blameless so that my sins could be forgiven.

A man who dedicated his life solely to win the souls that have been lost… A man who gave up his own life to pay the ultimate cost.

A man who delivered salvation to me on a silver platter, One who loves me more than I love myself, One who promised me that my flaws don’t even matter.

He handed me His love, without asking me to earn it, freely, given, and to know Him is to know love, you better learn it…

Because between he and I, the world is a stepping stone to a higher place of majesty and splendor.

So if while I am here you can not add to this then we have nothing to discuss.

As of matter of fact, your attempts to map out a plan on your own only brings me deeper disgust.

There is nothing you can do for me if you are not being led by The One and Only.

I am not trying to be rude but we are speaking two different languages so please don’t even bother.

I am striving for holiness and you for pleasure, your goals are feeble and mine are strong,

I am tired of playing with peasants, no we can not be friends because we do not really get along.

I will not dumb down and you will not rise up, so I must depart and preserve my precious time…

You have no entitlement to what is God’s, he died for me, so what can you offer for what is His and what is mine?…

How can we form a trinity when you are unaware of your identity?

Stop making deception, lust and idleness your wives, I am trying to save our lives…

It is time, take your place, the disconnect is between man and God.

Order will not be regained until this bond has been restored.

Detox the estrogen and replenish your manhood, it’s time out for laziness, excuses and complacency…

Focused on the wrong things while doing just enough to get by… My attempt is only one but I will spend my life giving this one thing a try.

No I am not perfect, and I have yet to arrive. I crave correction, but only from those who are led by my Father, and that is for my protection.

I strive to awaken your greatness, because He created me as your help.

You are not alone, none of us can do this by ourself…

Get your souls, hearts and minds right, your creator is returning like a theif in the night…

So, I will not settle, I will not give up, I will not give in, I will fight until the end, I will continue to try…

This is a spiritual battle and this is my war cry.

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