My Kind of Love . . .


When the sun does not shine,

When the tide is too high,

When the lights have gone down,

When the well has run dry,

When the moon hides behind the clouds,

When the dusk won’t turn to dawn,

When the leaves have all fallen,

When the flowers and fruit are gone,

When the cold rules the land,

When the warmth is nowhere in sight,

When there’s nothing left to say,

When the noon turns into night,

When the cares have faded away,

When there is no one to call,

When those you thought were there for you, can’t seem to be found at all,

When the soul begins to listen,

When the pride turns into meek,

When familiarity comes up missing,

When the heart begins to speak,

When your head has hung low,

The only direction to look is above,

That’s when all around, you will feel my kind of love.

Be blessed!

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