My Obituary .


I lived a full life. I say that because I did everything that I believe I could and was supposed to, during the time allowed to me on this earth. I believe that I will live on forever. Through my family and friends; and their loved ones and the ones to come. Thru my ideas. Thru the things I always said. Thru the way that I made people feel. Thru the way I saw life and the world. Thru my tears that watered the earth. They my smile that reflected the sun and my eyes the moon. Thru my optimistic heart and love everyone and everything I ever came in contact with. Thru my hope that there will always be a better tomorrow. Thru my laughter that joined the air and into the skies and came down again thru the rain, and watered the earth and grew the trees, that gave air to the earth to breathe into their lungs, which helped their heart pump blood to their veins and to their brain, to change the way that they think, feel, walk, talk, smile, loved and lived. I worked hard, I often tried my best and gave everything all that I had. I loved freely. Now, I am free.

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