My People.

Deep. Soulful. Vibrant

Mahogany, sapphire, onyx, brass.

Royal. Kingdom. Honorable. Strength.

The envy of the enemy has been to destroy us. Because God chose us.

Children of God and people of the Sun.

God, the earth, the sun. The songs of heaven. We are one.

We are the strongest race. We can not be destroyed.

Our bodies feed the earth. We are evolution. We are the soil.

Black like the soil, dark like the night’s resting sky. Dark like the blood. The pupil of God’s eye.

Our cries are the wind. Our tears are the rain. Our eyes are the stars. God’s vengeance for our pain.

Our backs are strong, we carry the earth. Our heads held high. God preserves our worth.

We are His people. The times will tell. No matter the opposition. The gates of hell will not prevail.

We are trees. Constantly cut down. But despite that, we must know. Our roots run deep. They can’t be plucked. An endless rain forest. We will always grow.

Our beauty is unmatched. Different textures and different shades. Unique and mysterious. Like in His image that we were made.

We are courageous. We are strong. the devil is a liar. We will repel the fire.

We are life’s existence. When we stop so does life. We are the chosen people. Brothers and sister of Jesus Christ.

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