Natural Hair….. To Do or Not To Do!…..

Everywhere you turn there are commercials, photographs, documentaries, blogs, tweets, and facebook notes about natural hair. Left and right, everyone from young girls to old women have decided to take the natural hair “challenge”! But is this a fad or a decision based off of deeper meaning?…
After relocating home to my parents house, I did not have a hairdresser so I decided to attend the beauty school near my house. I informed the hairdresser that I had just washed my hair and had been scratching my scalp so I expected her to base, (moisturize my scalp with a vaseline like substance to protect from irritation from the chemicals in a relaxer), my hair really well. The hairdresser, who was a student, did not base my scalp well and the relaxer burned my scalp so bad that I had scabs for about 3 weeks. I was in so much pain that I started seriously reconsidering whether getting a relaxer was worth the pain.
I battled with the decision for a while, discussing it with my sisters, parents, grandparents and friends, trying to decided whether it would be easier or harder to maintain natural hair. Everyone had different opinions on the matter but I realized that God made me the way that I am for a reason. Although God gave someone the knowledge to create chemicals to tweek and change your hair into styles that you would like, I felt that it was unhealthy to continue to put chemicals in my hair to change its texture.
Everyone from Oprah to Tyra have done segments on natural hair, showing the pros and cons and long-term effects of putting chemicals in your hair. The natural hair decision can come from a bad experience, a fad, boredom, curiosity or for spiritual reasons but exploring your natural self effects you mentally as well. Once I got pass the mind set that my hair has to be bone straight or it does not look good, this journey became so much easier. Now it’s time for me to find what products work for my natural hair and what styles are the most convenient. Understanding that your hair is not going to be like it use to be, it will be better than it use to be, is part of the process. There is a sense of strength and purity that comes along with growing out your natural hair, that’s hard to explain but better experienced than told!
To be cont’d …
My natural hair journey: March 2010 – Present …..

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