No Greater Love! . . .


Father, I thank you!

You have been so good to me.

I don’t know why you love me.

But I know you do!

I was afraid that you wouldn’t know I love you,

Because my ways have not always been true,

But today you told me that’s it’s ok,

Because the one consistency in my life is you,

Now I realize that you have always been there,

And you promised you would never leave,

No matter how I fall, or how many times I fail,

You always bring me back to you,

One thing that I can promise no matter what where I go or what I do,

Is that I will always come back to you.

Your love never fails and never gives up,

So I am learning to love and be more like you.

I will fight and strive and stays at your feet,

Until face-to-face, you and I will meet.

Thank you Father, there truly is none like you.

Your love is perfects me. It transforms me thru and thru.

Without even knowing, your will has always won,

And my heart, my life and my all belongs to you!

Thank you Jesus!!!

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