Now That I Have your Attention… I Rebuke You


We live in a world where right is believed to be wrong and wrong is believed to be right. Shameful is proud and there’s no holiness in sight. Opinions mean more than facts. Truth is mistaken for lies. Laughter is transformed into cries. Ugly is called beautiful and meekness cannot be found. Darkness is ruling and lights are dim. She relies on the approval of her and her on the approval of him. Each silently killing each other, all the while believing they’re pure. While the righteous silently endure. Running rampant, spreading discourse, no more unity and sanctification, just selfishness, abomination, infidelity and divorce. They’ve been convinced that evil is holy, but weren’t told about damnation’s matrimony. The evil prey on the good, while the good pray for the evil. Their heart’s don’t belong to God. The road they’re traveling is wide and broad. No longer queens, but serpents, no longer kings but servants. They quote the scripture but don’t believe the law. They curse God and the miracles they saw. They take credit in everything they do, they try to devour the Holy Spirit in you. Their fight is in vain. Thinking they can defeats God’s children. It’s insane. They throw their lies and try to pulls us down. They have no clue. They’re souls are lost, damned, rebuked, never to be found. This race is won. We are protected, now run yourselves into the ground. We have the victory. We can’t be defeated. Through The Messiah, God’s lost have already been found.

satan is weak. God is strong. that’s why he was so jealous. But God knew it all along and just like Him, we too are zealous. keep your tricks, we don’t believe you. you and your lies get no respect. you can put down your fists and retreat to your corner, we’ve already won, we’ve seen your best. and it’s not good enough, you just can’t win, you lost before you tried, you ended before you could begin. yell until you pass out, scream and cry and throw a fit, collect all your souls who were never my Father’s, say your goodbyes because this is it. I rebuke you in the name of my Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, and my big brother who stole your sting. you have no dominion, get behind me, and let me show you what power really means.

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