Please Respect the Sexiness!

Yaay! Ok I’m so excited about this post because I’ve been thinking about it for a while and im finally putting the pen to the pad! At first I thought about writing something deep and poetic and then I thought about doing something fun and diva-ish!… So here I am taking Nike’s advice to ‘Just Do It!’

Being blessed to reach the age of 25 im seeing so many things in such a different light! I feel so confident about literally everything I do and no matter what a situation looks like I refuse to stress over it because I KNOW everything is all good..why?!, because so far it’s all worked together for my good! I’ve noticed a little bit more pep in my step and swag in my attitude and I love it!! I’m at a point that I don’t feel like I need to apologize for anything that I am, either take it or leave it! I don’t care about nonsense, drama, wasting my time on the unnecessary, nor do I sweat the small stuff!

I’m in a zone, I could care less who’s doing what and with who and who said what about who, I’m waaay to concerned with my life, who’s in it, where im going and who im taking with me! : )

So with this new-found confidence and self understanding it is only right that I share my secrets with others! Confidence is such an amazing trait in a person that it’s a whole different blog post within it’s self! Discovering/defining, accepting and nurturing what makes you you is such a major part of developing self security and with security you are grounded and rooted and can’t be plucked up from who and what you are! Even if you do get plucked you can always grow back because you have a foundation! See what I mean?… Not knowing or truly understanding yourself, your craft and your purpose will cause you to wander into all sorts of weeds that a rose has no business meddling in but once you discover all of these different treasures about yourself it will allow you to walk differently, hold your head higher, not be afraid to be who and what you truly are.

This brings me to my next step! Find out what you really like. Not what your friends like, your ex-boyfriends like, your mother likes or what you see on television! Find out what YOU like and run with it!! Indeed your “taste” may change over the years but it doesn’t matter because it’s about YOU and no one else and the only person you have to answer to is you and God! This will help you uncloud a lot of nonsense in your life in all areas and you’ll find yourself a little less stressed 🙂

Once you discover what works for you, it’s time to throw in that confidence! If you have to, look at your confidence like it’s attitude and don’t be afraid to use it! Throw a little confidence in everything you do, whether it’s cooking, sewing, walking, talking, singing, gardening or just going to the grocery store! There is nothing wrong with adding a little flavor to every aspect of your life! Of course you don’t want to overdo anything you do though and be careful not to mix confidence with arrogance because that is a whole different blog post within itself also but if you occasionally do, it’s ok!, apologize for it, evaluate how you can make it better and consciously make changes.

Women are very unique but strong and delicate and for that reason we are very complex but don’t be ashamed of that. There are so many woman who feel like they can only be one way, i.e. athletic=masculine, beautiful=feminine, mothers=caretakers, mom-dads=tough/hard, businesswomen=cold, financial-stability=manipulative… This is all untrue and these mind-frames will keep you imprisoned into a down-spirraling cycle of insecurity and lost identity. It’s ok to be more than 1 characteristic, that’s what makes you well-seasoned and flavored ladies 🙂 Don’t apologize for being sensitive or smart, emotional, caring or tough, all of those things are what make you YOU!, and guess what?..the best part about it is if someone cannot accept that or “deal” with it, it makes your job easier because they’ll weed themselves out!

Get excited about who you are becoming because it feels like it only gets better from here! I totally understand why women become such “Divas” the older they get! 🙂 So strut your stuff and demand respect for all of those beautiful attributes that make you sexay!! 🙂

I must give props to the one responsible for this unexplainable, unattainable, confidence!…my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ! I prayed the prayer asking God to:

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me
All His wonderful passion and purity
Oh, Thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me

…and I must admit, im not where im going to be but im nowhere close to where I used to be!! 🙂


  • Ms Combs says:

    Amazing Tiff Tiff!!! I am very very proud of you!!! Continue to allow God to use you as you use the gift that you have been blessed with! I have been thoroughly encouraged and blessed by your work. Keep inspiring, motivating, and encouraging!!! From one divine Diva to all the others!!!…Stay Blessed!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t thank you enough and your motivation is a driving force for me to continue to allow God to use me! Lol, I dont have a choice but to let him use me, too much is at stake because i’m realizing just how much he’s invested in me! I love you very much and thank you so much for your encouragement!!

  • Brandon says:

    I like!!! Its like they say people are so concerned with trying to get others to accept them, but they dont even accept their TRU selves. nice blog… keep goin

  • Mary says:

    I love it! Keep up the good work. You are a confident, beautiful, gifted young women.

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