Questions… The Skin vs. Within


While you’re focused on the tone of your skin, or the length and texture of your hair, are you effectively changing the world? How do these factors truly play a part? Believing that it adds validation to your being and existence… or that it takes it away, makes you as guilty as those who persecute others for being outside of their comfort zone.

How does a male that states that he despises a woman of the same skin tone as his own — or darker/lighter — have the capability of truly and fully loving anyone else? When it is evident that he does/ can not love himself.

What about the woman who supports these stereotypical insecurities of self hatred and send destructive behavior? What is she thinking? What does this say about her self esteem, self-worth and self -love?

To hate your own skin is to hate your self, your mother and father who made you, your brothers and sisters around you, your ancestors who lived so you could live, and your God who created you…

So, again I ask, how does the color of your skin determine your worth on this earth… when in the end we all will she’d these shells to reveal a spirit of either darkness or light…

You will endure hardships on this earth no matter what… you decided whether you will be the contributor to adversity or the solution.


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