Questions . . .

Why do you feed the monsters that make you feel inferior?

Why do you allow the same drug that is killing you make you feel alive?

It’s all a lie.

Why do you entertain the lies that define you by your hips, lips and fingertips, when to measure yourself at that level is as equal as measuring dust to dirt?

Why do you love the system of materialism and depend on it to add value… when the very thing that devalues you is the love of material things?

Why give power to the evil and give evil to the powerless?

The media’s very presence is to rob you of your joy, self-love, individuality and independence, and to be self-reliant on the opinion of others, the acceptance of someone else and the approval of those who have and will never know you.

These lies birth superficial occupations, causing some to spend their lives trying to “fit in” or “become”… Causing some to feel that they are not good enough, will never be enough, and result in them to taking their lives…

Who set this superficial standard?

Who’s laws are we living by when we did not create ourselves?

What kind of system is set up to leave you broken and in debt?

Who developed this standard of “happiness” which only involves the characteristics of a drug addict?

Constantly needing and never content… Always wanting… Never satisfied.

And then the attitude of entitlement…

“I don’t care about your situation or circumstance, where you came from or how much you have or lack, I want more.”

A system that hates the sight of confidence, and is built to tear it down.

A system that tell us to find a problem, criticize and ridicule someone when they are trying their best. To prey on the weak to hide your own weaknesses.

A system that says, “No matter what you do you will never be good enough…”

Why do we feed this monster.

What happened to uniqueness, beauty, and creativity, that aren’t at the expense of someone’s loss for another man’s gain.

What happened to caring and sharing?

What happened to a place of peace and not so much need and greed?

What happened to a standard of self-respect and not neglect?

When did we give up?

When did we give in?

When did we decide?

Haven’t you realized yet that we have the power..

We control this space.

We can make the changes.

We are in control.

But do we want to do better?

Much like a drug addict our dependency has grown too strong.

Our level of acceptance has gotten to high.

We think we’re God, but we don’t have a clue…

But we don’t want to stand out. We don’t want to be challenged. When the fire gets too hot we want to run.

Where are the fighters?

Where are the soldiers?

Who is willing to lose everything they thought they knew to find what is true?

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