I’m in a lifelong committed relationship with someone special, and I am so in love!

She is kind, sweet, caring, loving, giving, passionate, humorous, glamorous, dramatic, talented, spontaneous, intelligent, God-fearing, cool, and ambitious!

When I look at her she makes me smile.

I am proud of her.

We have so much fun together.

She is beautiful inside and out.

We spend quality time together.

She is unique and creative.

I have watched her grow.

As she grows, I grow.

I appreciate every stage and season of her life.

She is my best friend.

We tell each other everything.

She never lets me down.

She lifts me up when I am down.

She reminds me that everything will be ok.

She motivates me to be the best and never ever settle for less.

She is honest with me, no matter what.

She always has my back.

When I don’t have anyone else, she is always there.

No matter how many times I’ve hurt her she does not keep score.

She is optimistic.

She is a wanderer, a thinker and a dreamer.

She is intrigued by the objects outside of the box.

She is always striving to become better.

She wants to break the molds and defy the odds.

She desires to set a new standard.

She is an encourager and a life-giver.

Her words are like sweet fruit.

When everyone else goes right she walks left.

She has no desire to “fit in.”

She was made to stand out.

She constantly reminds me of the treasures I hold within.

She’s closer to me than the closest friend.

I love the times when it is just she and I.

There are no needs for barriers and guards.

She is at her best when she is just being herself.

I am the most comfortable in her presence.

I enjoy the sound of her voice.

She always self-reflects.

She never judges.

Her heart is the size of the universe.

Her soul is deeper than the oceans.

Sometimes the magnitude of her potential frightens me.

She likes the road less traveled.

Her time is precious.

I will not share her with just anybody.

She speaks from the heart.

She lives through her heart.

She sees from her spirit.

She gives from her soul.

She is honest.

She is confident.

She is graceful.

She is strong.

She is fearless.

She is bold.

She is me.

This is dedicated to everyone who has loved, is loving and longs for love. The greatest love was already given to each and every one of us before we were even born. We spend our entire existence tapping into that love, getting to know that love, and giving that love to one another. Live, learn and love yourself, and then loving every one else will feel no different. Just as you’ve made bad decisions, let yourself down, and hurt yourself… for that, you will understand, and accept and love every one else.

Love yourself.

Inspired by Colbie Caillat’s “Try”


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