Spirit. Soul. Body.


We as people encounter so much just throughout the course of one day, let alone a lifetime if you are blessed to experience what one truly is. Taking care of your spirit, soul and body are key components in living a healthy, balanced and effective life. One can not excel without the other. The body needs the soul, the soul needs the spirit and the spirit needs the body. Taking care of oneself means more than just taking a shower, being nice and going to church. One must actually get to know each component and its personality in order to know just how to provide each ones specific needs. Just as important as it is to not subject your body to many different people and things, our soul and spirit are the same way. The spirit and soul can not simply be submerged into water to wash away it’s impurities, like the body can. The spirit and soul are much more sensitive requiring much more attention and care. The soul, which is also known as the personality, changes, so if you don’t spend quality time getting to know yours constantly how will you know what it needs?… And more importantly, how will you know it at all?… People spend a lot of time talking about the past, what happened, what didn’t in life, filling their spiritual space with other people and things, using them as a crutch, or what I like to call an excuse, to not change and grow. What happened to you when you were born, six years old, growing up and even yesterday are all gone, evaporated, it has disappeared, vanished. Instead of leaning on old, molded ways (crutches) to make excuses for not making changes that you’re afraid or too lazy to make, realize that these things all happened, occurred and took place to place you exactly where God intended for you to be at this very moment in your life. Your past and even your present are choices in which you will either allow to change you or hinder you. Grow up!! You will either seize the day around you or miss out on it because you are still living in yesterday. Some people will spend their entire lives never knowing who they are and what they could be. Don’t be that person! This life is a gift, this body is what you do with it, this soul is what you make it, and this spirit is what you allow it.

Be blessed!

~The A.R.T.ist

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