~Spread Your Wings & Fly~

I look around and am troubled by what I see. The world has portrayed the beauty of a women to be measured by the amount of exposure of her breasts, thighs and butt; make-up to recreate the natural makeup of her face, deteriorating plastic to reconstruct the configuration of this deteriorating dirt, superficial, counterfit personalities to cover up hidden insecurities, and money, sex and drugs to try and fill/feel the void that can only be filled/feeled by one.
Haven’t you ever been told that “A woman is not measured by her hips, lips and fingertips?” So why are there so many females proclaiming independence while depending on the touch of that man, the sound of his voice and the approval of what they hope is the envy of others? Is the satisfaction really from within or from without?…
Lets be honest for a moment, have you really looked at yourself in the mirror and been pleased with what you see or is it the pleasure of temporary pleasers that rush through you for the moment, setting you up for failure everytime, leaving you empty and still searching for what freedom truly is?…
Singer, songwriter, Mali Music said, “When temptaions, impulses, come, they rape and beat you…violate and then they leave you…never knew they could control your mind…”
But he concludes with, “But it’s not over, there is hope for you too, live again and then God loves you, seek his face, read his word, renew your mind…”
Realize that you are beautiful, being made just the way God intended for you to be. As for those that rebuff, it is because they are an outcast in the cast of the movie of your life and their darkness is meant to reveal the brightness of your light, so continue to shine!
There are approximately 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, exhibiting that not all butterflies are the same shade or shape, some travel differently and have unique wings but what they all do is fly!
Discover and realize your worth. Your beauty is not measured by the “barbie doll” illusion that has been hypnotized into the minds of grown women to little girls. Don’t be deceived, transformed into the fallacy of these robotic images, drawing you into the lies that despite your spirituality, education and mind, to be of some relevance, your ultimate worth is in your passing beauty that will eventually fade. Forget this misapprehension; assure that the true beauty is in your soul and in your heart because the True judge, the one and only judge knows; better than you even know.
The only way to unfeignedly know who/what you are is to seek God until you’re so lost in him that you forget what you were looking for and THEN, then will your genuine beauty, your actual self, your REAL being be seen not only within you but among you.

I AM a Black Butterfly! Now spread your wings and fly!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

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  • Taiye Raji says:

    Wow this is a very beautiful realization and a big reality for our already beautiful women. We are all made in the image of God, God is beauty, and everything he created has always been beautiful and women are not an exception to this. I definitely agree with Tiffani. There has been a transition throughout our hstory and our new age seems to be living a life directed by media and their peers. I wonder if the world would ever eventually fallunder one identity. All i know is that the only identity i will always uphold is the identity of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Very well written Tiffani. This was beautiful reinforced with the word promised and sent to us by God almighty. Thank You Tiffani. You are indeeed a gift and definitely a beautiful black butterfly.

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