The 30 Year Journey . . .


It took me 946080000000 milliseconds to love every part of me and know that I will continuously change for the better!

It took me 946080000 seconds to figure out that I will never be perfect to humans but in God’s eyes I always have/always will be!

It took 15768000 minutes for me to realize that I can have whatever my heart desires!

It took 262800 hours for me to see that I’m my one and only competition and the only thing strong enough to stand in my way is me!

It took me 10950 days to see that I am not my mistakes, but I am the lessons learned from them!

It took me 1564.286 weeks to come to realization that I don’t have a single thing to prove to anybody but God and myself!

It took 360 months to manifest that I have to be every change I want to see!

It took me 3 decades to find that perfect balance of class, boldness and meekness.

It took 3.33333333333 of a century before I declared that I would never dim my light for anyone or apologize for my strengths and someone else’s weaknesses!

The seasons changed 120 times before I stopped looking to the left and the right and just focused straight forward!

It took 30 years to grab ahold to the truth that everything I will ever need is already in me!

Now I laugh at the enemy and his attempts to distract me! Fear had me hemmed up for so long! Praise God I’m free!!!

#30 #ThisIsTheBeginning #GloryBeToGod

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