The Choice . . .


And just like that, it hit me!

Life isn’t hard because God “made” it this way.

Life is hard because we have chosen for it to be this way.

Each individual decision that we as humans have ever made, have all added up to the place that we are at this very moment.

God’s intentions were never for us to experience any hurt and harm.

We decided that we did not want to live God’s way.

We wanted to try living our own way.

We believed that we may have known just a little more than our creator.

He loves us so much that He gave us exactly what we wanted.

Since the fall of man, we decided to live our own way instead of Gods.

Because we can only comprehend so much, we made mistake after mistake.

Some which could have ended our species as a whole.

But time after time God stepped in and saved us from our own ignorance.

The barrier of protection was lifted.

He gave us the freedom of choice.

We chose to leave His covering.

Since then we have been on a journey of discovery.

One that continues to lead us back to the place that we started out at.

Back to a place of protection and covering.

Now we long for a world of peace and prosperity.

But when we had it we wanted to know what it would be like to find something else.

Now we spend our lives, longing for Him to have His way.

Because we do not know the way.

But God loves us so much.

So much that He has always given us what we wanted.

God is so merciful that He derived a plan.

He gave us another chance.

A chance to learn, grow and become who we were destined and created to be.

Now we go through hell searching for heaven.

Because when we had heaven we wanted to know hell.

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