The Journey of Discovery . . .


God visited a little boy one day and asked him, “Son, what would you like to be when you grow up?” The little boy replied, “Well, I don’t know…” So God asked the little boy, “When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing on your mind?” The little boy replied, “Well I like climbing trees… I want to be a tree when I grow up!” Then God said, “Throughout the day what do you think about the most?” The little boy replied, “Well, I like bugs and animals…. When I grow up I want to be a horse!” God replied, “What do you dream about when you go to sleep at night?” The little boy sat for a second and looked up at the sky… “I think about the stars and the moon!” And with a burst of excitement the little boy answered, “When I grow up I want to be the moon!” Then God smiled and looked at His son and said, “Well my son, although I created the trees, and told them to grow big and strong so that they would provide you with oxygen to breathe, shade from the rays of the sun, and shelter for the animals, if you become one who will plant more so that when you grow up little boys like yourself can climb them too? When I created horses I told them to run like the wind, to be of service and be under the command of man, so if you become one, who will take care of you, and how will you take care of them so when you grow up little boys like yourself can ride them as well? When I made the moon and the stars I marveled upon their beauty and brightness and was pleased, if you become the moon you will be the brother to the sun, providing light to the night, but who will give spiritual direction to the people. Who will help the blind, heal the sick and unbelieving, and who will lead the way for the lost? Who will share these conversations between you and I with the generations to come? Who will pass along the wisdom and knowledge that you have and will gain?” The little boy sat silent for a moment in deep thought… Then he asked God, “Well what should I be?” And God lovingly answered, “All of the things around you that you love so much are because I placed them in you while I was creating you. Long before your mother ever knew she would give birth to you I spent time on every detail of your existence. I spent time getting to know everything you would ever know and want to be so that I could guide you and help you go in the direction that I created you to go in.” The little boy began to understand more clearly as God continued to speak to him. “This is why it is important to listen to your spirit because that is my voice speaking to and leading you. There is a reason why an artist notices certain things that a scientist may not. It is because of what I have placed in that artist and in the scientist to affect and fulfill. This ensure that there is a balance and that all aspects of this earth and your spiritual needs are met. Do you understand now?” God asked… The little boy jumped to his feet and gave God a big hug. God smiled at the little boy and the little boy said, “Thank you God!!!” God asked, “Why are you thanking me?” And the little boy replied, “Because you love me so much that although you created the trees to help me live and the horses to help me run and the moon to help me see, You created me! And in Your image.” God grew more and more proud of his son in that moment. “Now I know what I want to be when I grow up up!” God asked, “And what is that my son?” And the little boy replied, “A man of You! The best ME that I can possibly be! Firmer than a tree, stronger than a horse, shinning brighter than the moon!” God was pleased, and He gave the little boy exactly what He asked for.

The beauty is not in BEing everything around you, the beauty is in CHANGing everything around you. Find YOURSELF, know YOURSELF, and BE YourSelf! Do not CONform, TRANSform! God bless!!!

By Tiffani Addison, the

God bless!!!

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