The Lessons of Love . . .

He, taught me…
the beginning of love, in a way I had never experienced,
The door to my curiosity had now been opened,
Both innocent, young and fresh, without a clue of the confusion that lied ahead,
Only if we’d saved ourselves from this mess…
Confusion, thoughts, heart-aches, all tampering the purity of our minds, all for a feeling we were desperate to find,
Here I gained the basic tools needed to fight, create, and maneuver through this journey called love…

He, taught me…
the first lesson of love,
What you release just rests up above, later to fall right back down,
like raindrops on your ground.
Love is a mirror, reflecting exactly who you are,
What you see is exactly what you get,
So mistakes I made, and his heart I played,
immature and with regret.

He, taught me…
an entirely new existence of love, never had I ever loved someone as purely as the white of a dove,
I gave freely, openly and true, there was nothing I would not do,
Dangerously in love but not afraid of what lied ahead,
Blinded, we created an angel from a sinful bed,
But this love was tearing me down, trying to elevate but still on the ground,
Little did I know then, I would learn everything else I’d ever need to know,
but of course I had to move on because I desired to grow.

He, taught me…
the depths, shapes and faces of love,
Due to my past, this time I had a plan and a goal,
He was different, a difficult and confused soul,
But for some reason I was drawn in from the start, sucked in and enticed, from “What’s up?” he had my heart…
So no matter how hard his love was to gain, I fought for him until my heart was  drained,
But little did I know, just how much I would grow, from this dramatic love show,
Our story was far from over, we both just could not see,
But competitively, he pushed me into being the best that I could possibly be…

He, taught me…
to love patiently, purely and careful,
He gained my attention because of a persistence I’d never felt,
He patiently knocked at the door until I gracefully handed him the keys,
I thought that at this point we had arrived, little did I know I would barely survive…
Where I was finished he was just getting started,
I had no clue the maze he would put me through,
Trying so hard to be what I needed him to,
Trying to be all that he could be, but all the while he was fooling himself and me,
He could not be what was best for me, when he didn’t even know who he, was…
He was lost and tried to find himself in me,
We fought a losing battle from two different worlds, resulting in the tragic change of an innocent girl.

My love became tainted and selfish,
the purity of my heart was filled with something else,
Feeling owed I wanted what was mine,
It was not an option for me this time,
I viscously went after love,
with a vengeance I went after what I thought I wanted,
forgetting the lessons of the past, on a search for something that would last…

And so I landed in the line of sight of one wrong whom I wanted to be so right…

He, taught me…
to always be myself,
to let go and let love…
Without regard to my truths, I digressed to the mentality of my youth, I began to let go, and just let life flow,
but eventually something would have to give, someone would have to go,
I fought a battle between myself and the power up above,
I gave in and gave up and allowed what I thought was love,
to run its course,
Although I knew it wasn’t right I kept tapping into love as my source,
He was draining me, but I kept going, despite the warning signs his spirit kept showing,
No matter what happened I still gave my best,
I’d entered a battle between spirit and man,
despite our attempts my soul had no rest, I began to realize this love was a test,
A testament of who I loved more,
so despite the outer beauty of this union I had to walk out the door,

It was God, He was calling me, He was tired of waiting,
He wanted my all, He would not let go, so my name He continued to call,
I’d never experienced a strength such as His, He would not let go, He was setting me free, for He saw and knew all and was the true lover of my destiny,
my soul was uneasy, I could not get rest, He wanted my everything, He fought for my best,
So I laid down my weapons, I gave up the fight, I knew He would come, like a thief in the night,
I had to be ready, I wanted to be His, and He to be mine, He was saving my life,
He nursed my sick body, mended my heart and stayed by my side, He was getting me ready, His beloved, His beautiful bride,
so everything I would give,
because without him there’s no way I would live,
He was there all along, He helped me survive, because of Him I made it, my heart is alive,

Some called me crazy, some even laughed, but none have a clue what I experienced in the past,

The love that taught me patience, would put my journey to an end, as he left me not as a fighter, or a lover, but as a friend,
He taught me longevity, and persistence of the heart, we remained so close, despite how long and far we were apart,
He gave meaning to the journey, and taught me that life is so short, and through a tragedy, life is what you make it, you must train and compete in life, just like a sport,

I gained an appreciation, and learned to never take love for granted, I learned that growth is produced through nurture, time and love, I learned that pride will imprison you from what you want, and that fear will trap you into what you don’t.

My heart has been pulled, pricked, cut, ripped, reshaped, drained, filled, sliced, juggled, shaken, stolen, gambled, borrowed, stirred, punched, stomped, punctured, and played from mistreat… But it still beats…

The beauty of it all, is that I’ve taken it with grace, it has allowed me to elevate to a new and higher place,
a place of understanding, patience and truth, a place of rejuvenation, a rejuvenation, a new heart of youth,
I have been reborn, with a new attitude, a new behavior, I have been clothed in righteousness, all glory to my King and Savior, there’s no place I’d rather be than in His eminent favor,

I now know what love is and that there are no mistakes, when the heart purely, truly and fully gives it can never be replaced,
So to those that helped me, along the way, I just want to say thank you, because without you, I wouldn’t be where I am and where I am going today!

God bless! :-*

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