The truth is . . .

satan you’re so wack!
Get a life!.. Oops I forgot, you can’t!
I actually feel a little sorry for you.
The only friends you have are the ones you trick into liking you..
You have to pretend to be God just to get people to accept you..
How does it feel to forever be last place.
You actually have no power.
Congratulations, you’ve mastered the art of “smoke and mirrors..”
Your entire existence still gives glory to God, even though you hate Him..
You’re an Idiot.
You hated Him because you wanted to be Him..
You only exist because of Him.
Didn’t anyone tell you not to bite the hand that feeds you..
Now look at you.
You’re miserable, and you desperately want company..
You’re evil..
You’re destitute..
You’re pathetic..
Sometimes I feel a little sorry for you..
You’ll always be a day late and a dollar short..
No matter what you do you’ll always fail..
You’re whole existence is like equality on the earth, you don’t exist..
When my big brother returns you will reap all that you’ve sewn..
How does it feel…
Your time is limited, and you haven’t used it wisely..
Tisk tisk
When I say His name you run…
You’re a coward…
You’re just annoying..
You’re like a gnat..
You can sometimes throw off my mood or agitate me.. but the truth of the matter is, you’re just a bully..
You have no power..
You wish you could be me..
You’re like a dog with no teeth that’s mastered barking.
Get behind me!

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