The World loses a Legend; Does Anyone Truly Care?

You cannot turn on the radio, or any major broadcasting television station without hearing news, music, or seeing photographs of the late Michael Jackson. The unfortunate issue about this whole loss to the pop world is that through this man’s death, the media has not shown any mercy or sympathy whatsoever. Immediately after the news was confirmed that Jackson’s death was legit, news stations began showing every picture ever taken of the man’s deteriorating nose and every case of child molestation that he was accused of. Sadly, issues that I had never heard of surfaced all within a half an hour of Jackson being pronounced dead.
What is wrong with this picture? Has America gotten so caught up in drama that it is the first thing that comes to our minds, despite the situation? It is embarrassing and insulting as a fellow American. Although this man may not have been a spotless individual throughout his life, I was always under the impression that death is a time of mourning and in some cases celebration, knowing that the person has ended suffering and moved on to a better place. How do news broadcasters think his close family and friends felt, to have to see their loved ones name bashed all over the news within minutes after their death?
Within the same day of the news of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett lost her battle to cancer. Every station I turned to show beautiful pictures of the actress in her younger days, laughing and smiling and enjoying life. Although most stations showed some of those same stories about Michael, they would immediately follow it with interviews from random actors and actresses and repeats of old court cases and court drawings of the singer. Why not wait to include all of that in the Lifetime Movie or E True Hollywood Story? Why was this man’s name celebrated and bashed all within the first hour of his death? What is the world coming to? Respect has now become a mere characteristic of the past that has lost its importance in today’s society.

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