To My Brothers . . .



Hold on. God is working. He is cultivating a queen. One specifically for you. One who will serve you as she values serving the Lord. One who understands that God is pleased by her obedience in His instructions for her to be your help meet. Take your spirit and drive to conquer to search the depths of God’s heart to find the treasures that He has hidden deep, specifically for you. He gave you the mind of a king and the determination of a hunter to equip you for the journey that life delivers. Be patient, be obedient, and unveil the royalty that He set aside for you. It is a treasure that is not easily discovered, because if it were it would be for everyone instead of divinely set apart for you. Don’t be distracted by idleness. Look around you. If the pleasures of the world are her pearls, run. Seek, pray, ask, and wait. The only way to recognize the prize that God has created for you to build a legacy and continue a lineage with, is to become that legacy and lineage within yourself. This will not come easy. Because if it were so, everyone would have discovered it. Become that longing and love that you desire, dress yourself in salvation. Protect your soul with honesty. Guard your lineage with obedience. Hide your heart with wisdom. Create your masterpiece with love. And build your kingdom with perseverance. Wait.

Hold on my brothers. Hold on.

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