“True and Better”

This 3- minute video changed my life. I asked God a question last night, feeling purposeless, nonexistent and so far away from him. He gave me rest and in the morning he answered my prayer with this video. To now fully see and understand that our lives are not our own. Every situation and circumstance that we go through and experience opens a door for the captive and breaks a chain for the next person. A price has been paid for every single mistake, mistreatment, fear, doubt, lie, misfortune, neglect, hurt, pain and tear. If it weren’t for every obedient person, who because of their obedience and righteousness allowed God to use them, the prices would not be paid here on earth. If it weren’t for The Holy One, who was slain for every crime that He did not commit, the ultimate opportunity of eternal life would not be available to you and I in the next life. Glory to be our Father, and Glory be to our King. He is risen. He is alive.

Pay attention. Listen with your eyes, ears and heart.

Be blessed!

By Dan Stevers – True and Better: http://youtu.be/IGFtfqgBQkM

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