Truth + Justice


Man has spent so much time and so many years trying to control one another.

We did not create ourselves.

We did not put ourselves into this universe.

We do not possess all of the answers.

We have spent so much time and energy trying to develop a system of hierarchy and control, division and capitalism.

That same energy has the power to heal.

We are all one body in the humam race. We are born the same and when we die we are the same.

Our bodies are all flesh and blood and bones.

When we degrade, destroy and separate each other we only inflict curse and harm on ourselves.

We are not separated by skin color, language, religion and education, we are bonded by spirit.

We are so much more powerful when we connect to the higher and infinite power of our creator.

In the end, the measure of cruelty, injustice and hatred will be measured back to those who distributed it, participated in it, and those who stood by idly and watched it.

Every right will be wronged, every tear will be dried, every hurt will be forgotten, every evil will be destroyed, every truth will prevail and every justice will be served.

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