Your whole life, and mine are depending on you!

Who said being easy was great?

The lies…

Being great ain’t easy!

If it were, everyone would be doing it…
It would be trendy… Like posting bible versus while smoking weed and being promiscuous.
It would lose its flavor and value if it were easily attained.

Greatness is mysterious and not yet completely defined.
It’s a truth, a mental arrival and a spiritual awareness.

It ain’t for everybody…

Greatness requires a continuous sacrifice, an intolerance for mediocrity and a hate for complacency.
A self-sacrifice and crucifixion of the flesh, daily.
And once you’ve removed the first layer, then another, and then another.

Each one of us encompasses the power to be as great as we dream to be.

If your dreams were unattainable, then how would our minds be able to envision them?

Greatness does not care where you started, or who you started with?


What matters is where you finish!

When your story is complete will it be a waste of paper and time?

Your life depends on it, and so does mine!

There’s no time to waste.

This life is so short!

There’s work that is still to be done!

Did Jesus make excuses…

Did Noah give up…

Was Moses selfish…

Was Abraham weak…


Barriers must be removed!

Yokes must be broken!

Generational curses must end!

Wounds must be healed!

The lost must be found!

The darkness needs light!

It’s time to bring morning to the night!

The tears must be dried!

The hungry must be fed!

The blind must be led!

Your future!

Their future!

My future!

Your future!


Depend on you!!!


  • tammerial DuBose says:

    You are so talented cuzzn. I’m so proud of you, i will go a long way because of the great attitude u have. .Love and congrats on your life journey! !!

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