Wake up . . .


We live in a time where people are afraid to live, afraid to love and afraid to give.

Where money rules our minds, are hearts are spoiled and sour, our chest is exposed and open, handed to the enemy on a platter to devour.

A time where hurt, pain and tears are matched with lies, evil and fears. Where our minds are being manipulated, revealed but not being healed.

Where wrong is right and right is wrong, where the world says live fast and not long; and to love is weak and to give is dumb; where it’s me, myself and I, and sympathy is numb.

Where creation is trying to be recreated meanwhile souls are being cremated. Lips lie and eyes are blind. Where honesty, integrity and obedience are hard to find.

A time of bust, lust and disgust. Shame, fame and no trust. No loyalty, more hurt and manipulation. Pointing the blame instead of providing the education.

Killing the soul instead of healing the soul. Total damnation is the enemy’s goal. No love just lust, no loyalty, no trust, no remorse, just hate, we must suffer through this turmoil until that special date. And for the ones who thought time was irrelevant it will be too late. Judgment will be proclaimed and evildoers must face their fate. And for those who fought the good fight the ending will be great.

Stay encouraged!

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