Woman, Where Art Thou . . .


I believe that one of the major reasons many women are lost today is because we have lost our way. We have forgotten what our purpose is and which direction we were put on this earth to walk in. This message is a wake up call, a challenge and encouragement to not only women but also men.

The Creator made this amazing universe, all of the planets, the earth, the countries, the seas, and all of the animals and He said it was done, meaning finished, and He was pleased. God then went back and realized that His creation was missing something… Something sweet, the icing on the cake, something to put the glaze on the canvas… So he made woman. We made the completion of creation.

God entrusted in us a gift, the most precious gift that any human being can possess. The gift of reproduction. We hold the keys to life. This world can not continue without woman. We are the universe, the earth, the countries, and the seas all in one. We produce man that is capable of producing more men. Amazing!

The problem lies in the miseducation of a woman’s importance. We were placed in this universe for a divine purpose, one only we can fulfill. No matter who imitates or tries to recreate the role of a woman we cannot be duplicated or emulated, there is nothing like a woman. We bring forth generations and  lineage’s. We can change the course of nationalities and ethnicities, we birth the seed’s of man. We bring forth kings, rulers and great leaders. Our job is not easy but it’s worth it. We have the power entrusted in us to mold, shape, form and produce great nations.

We are the apple of God’s eye. He adores us, so much so that he gave us a spiritual helper, allowing us to carry an extra insight, a direct connection to his heart at all times. The third eye, the ability to feel, see and hear, at the same time. It is detrimental that we be wise in who we allow to plant into our gardens, gardens of our heart, the gardens of our body and our soul. When we hurt God hurts. He feels every ache and every tear. We are daddy’s little girls and he has planned for us to receive nothing but his luxuries and royalties. He adores us so, that whatever we ask and desire becomes alive and takes form. For this reason we have to be aligned and in tuned with God; careful, cautious and selective about where we go, what we say and what we do. We are powerful and the whole world depends on us, and our obedience.

God gave us beauty and uniqueness, allowing us to be a silent force. Our voices can be heard in our movements and our hearts in our eyes. We indeed are open books, not to be taken advantage of or misused, but to be windows, vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, our true bestie, allowing God to show himself through us. Our sensitivity displays his heart and His true sincerity, love and care for us. We are designed to embody and take the physical form of God’s heart, as men display his strength.

Princesses it is time to take our rightful place as queens. Brides and not bad “b’s” or baby mamas. We have to start requiring what God intended for us. Stop allowing little boys to live in the place of a king. God already set the standard for us when he sent a piece of himself into this corrupt world to live, die and live again for us. He paid the ultimate price by giving his life for us. He set the bar, so why are we accepting light-years below our value? Why are we steadily settling for a male who can only offer a few whispers in the ear followed by a headache?!… If these males won’t raise the standard we have to.

There is a disconnect between God and men, causing the disconnect between men and women. Resulting in so many people being lost. Nowadays men feel they don’t need God, all they need is their money, science, themselves and their own minds (understanding), resulting in the rise of homosexuality, greed, abandonment and desertion. Women have tried to adapt by turning to their careers, settling for the same treatment as animals, trying to fulfill the places of men, and turning to other women, trying to fill the void. What we are lacking is God’s direction, the very God who created us. With this mentality man is on it’s way to self destruction. Living so far out of God’s will that he is disgusted and displeased with the very thing he marveled over when he created it.

Ladies, let’s reset the standard. We have the power to slowly change the course of mankind  and get back on track. We have to require men of God to rise up and take their rightful place, before it’s too late. Our lives are depending on it.

Be blessed!

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