Welcome to Follow My Pen! If you’ve been following my pen since 2009, you know that there’s been changes as I’ve learned and grown. If you’re new here, welcome. Follow My Pen is a blog that I started when I was in undergrad, as a part of a senior project. Blogs were just becoming popular then and I found that it was the perfect way for me to practice writing and get my work out there for free. So many opportunities and experiences came out of it, which I am so grateful for. I decided to take about two years off, to live, learn, love and grow. I am so thankful that I did because I gained more wisdom, knowledge and experiences that allow me to bring a new, fresh perspective to readers. We all have a voice and I think more than ever, nowadays, it’s important that we use it responsibly. I hope that you are enlightened, inspired, and encouraged, to love, learn and live as well–and have a lot of fun doing it!! đź’—

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