For My Sisters…

Father I pray for healing over all women, but especially women of color.

Heal us from the brokenness that divides us. 

Break our hearts and remove the spirit of competitiveness, comparison, insecurity and distrust.

Mothers against daughters, sisters, neighbors, coworkers, strangers.

Allow us to touch the power within each other’s hearts.

Spark the flame that ignites our souls.

Help us to see You in ourselves and in each other.

Help us to see the beauty of ourselves in one another.

Help us to feel the strength in our diversity and the harmony in our unity.

We carry and guide the future of human existence in our wombs.

We can’t continue to pass along generational curses of brokenness, fear and hatred.

We’ve been held captive to our pasts for too long. 

When we stand together, there’s nothing that can stand in our way.

Show us how to use our influence to heal and build.

We are the first to love on this earth.

Help us find freedom in one another and the grace, wisdom, strength and love that You filled us with when we were created.


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