Let’s Check-in Ladies . . .

Y’all doing alright out there?…

Lifting that face, weights, butt and breasts won’t keep him or your sanity sis. But lifting your hands in prayer, and that old, dusty Bible off the shelf will. Instead of lifting that glass of wine, lift your eyes up to the heavens and allow The creator to lift your spirits. Let him lead and guide you down the path that He created you to travel. Traveling all over the world won’t help you find that inner peace, but finding God will help you find yourself because it is He who holds the whole world in His hands. Lift that man, that job, those children, either present or desired, back up to The one that gave them to you. No man, shopping spree or reality tv will ever be able to sustain that longing desire that only He can fill. He made that in you to continuously bring you back to Him–the same way you try to give it to that man to keep him coming back to you. You know it’s true. We’ve all been there. Endlessly giving away the best parts of our soul in an attempt to furnish a home that isn’t even on this earth. It’s an interconnectivity to our direct access to heaven, and to God Himself. An intimacy that is an out-of-body experience. A climax that you can never come down from. One that will change the way you think, breath, dress, love, and live. That Botox and those fillers will continue to fade right along with your self-esteem, unless you fall on your face and seek God’s face. Give these situations that are bigger than us, up to a God that is bigger than all of our situations.

Stop letting humans lie to you and let you down. Listen to a God whose ways can only lift you up. You can keep wasting your time and energy on the latest toy, but your true happiness won’t come without His joy. Taking those trips will only trip you up if you’re not careful. Don’t idolize the lust of your eyes–they’re all lies. Stop settling for someone who promises to give you the world when He has the whole world in His hands. Trace His hands to find His heart, and there you will find He held you there even before the start.

Unfortunately, during a time where our eternity is at hand, distractions are at an all-time high. We focus on perfecting everything around us instead of what’s within us. Crystals, yoga and brunch won’t cure this. The remedy lies within the pages of that controversial book that hasn’t been proven wrong yet. We spend so much energy trying to dispel its truths by calling it old and outdated when it’s the real fountain of youth. At this point, what do you have to lose?

It’s words are captivating—stronger than any love song. It’s stories are motivating, told by a Father who adores His children with a fiery passion–so much so, that your flawed love was still to die for. A teacher so loving, that He gave us the answers to every test. A poet who hid himself between the lines of each stanza, so that only a mind desperate to know Him could find Him. Peace by piece. A captain who formed every parable so that your enemies could never decode His plan.  

And the fact that He did all of this for you and me. The same God who parted the red sea,  who died on a tree, but returned on day three. Who said that with me there’s nothing you can’t be, who gave us the Holy trinity. Who made us wonderfully, and who loves us exponentially, fearlessly, fiercely, passionately, powerfully, undeniably and unequivocally.



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