Family . . .

Family . . .



There’s just something magically painful about a family. There’s an endless sacrifice for a group of people whom you chose, loved, created, that is strong enough to make you want to kill them and anybody who tries to harm them. It’s like a beautiful nightmare. You naively yet optimistically sign up for years of minimal sleep, countless prayers, the revelation of the core of selflessness and forgiveness. Oh and did I mention sacrifice? We fight through days of chaotic schedules, bad moments, overwhelmingly exciting days, growing pains, rebellion, frustration, fear, doubt, past hurts and so much more, just to indulge in the glimmers of majestic light we get to experience during moments like the one pictured above.

For a moment, we forget about all the blood, sweat and tears we had to shed to get to this moment. And during the tough times, we look back at these moments to remind us why we are in this fight. Let’s face it. Life is no fun alone. Not having someone to run home to and share the highs and lows of our day with, despite how minute or grand they may be, is our worst fear. We all long for someone to love and be loved by.

Family is so important because it is a direct experience into God’s view with us. The ups and downs of a relationship, the changes of health, time, finances an age, yet the need for loyalty and unconditional love. The disappointments and encouragements of children and their purity and unconditional love, to their defiance and curiosity as they grow older. The extremities of their love is nothing short of a supernatural learning experience–if embraced. It teaches us an undefinable love.

Excluding our birth family, because we didn’t get to choose them. Our immediate families are our living, breathing, continuously changing masterpieces, whom we get to grow, nurture, mold, and shape, into whatever God designated their purpose to be, and our hearts desire. We choose a mate whom we can establish roots with, who encourages and reveal to us our best and challenges us to oppose stagnancy. Someone whom we share a spiritual compass with who will war for and with us during the toughest of times. We learn the true depth of selflessness and sacrifice.

With this invitation, life-advancement and elevation opportunity, comes with rigorous training and purging, beating and breaking, is an opportunity not to be taken lightly. This elevation forces you to face your deepest fears, disappointments, pasts, hurts, anger, joy, pain, uncertainties and so much more. Through the daily looking into the mirror that is your spouse, you are faced with who you are and what you’re truly made of. Through the raising of your children, you are forced to quickly and continuously learn, grow, and change whatever it is in them that you see and don’t agree with or understand. For these innocent souls are simply sponges, soaking up whatever has been spilled around them.

Once they grow older, they begin to question everything around them. Wondering if things were good enough, and if not, who to blame. Finding themselves while fighting for their peace. Realizing just how dark and cold this world really is. They may question everything you’ve ever done for them or to them, and you have to remember that this is the same child whose eyes you gazed in and promised to love and protect forever. And you also have to remember that this child in almost every way, is you. And your spouse. Someone who you may have built and entire life with, from below ground zero, can look you into your eyes and betray you–the same eyes they looked into on the altar where they took a vow in front of God and the ones that loved you and carried you up to that point.

We are essentially taught to love in spite and despite. In and out, up and down. Around and around and around the sun until our time here is done. Just the way God loves us.