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Welcome to Follow My Pen!

My baby for the past 10 years… It has made many changes, as it’s grown with me, been an outlet through my journeys in life and helped me to inspire and entertain others around the world. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to do what I love.

I received my undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism and my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing. All of the education, careers and experiences have helped but don’t compare to the freedom of writing/creating from your heart and soul. I think that it is important that we all have a voice, but that we are responsible in using it because every word we speak either encourages love or hate, evokes strength or weakness, growth or complacency, and victory or defeat. I am confident in sharing the wisdom and love, that flows through me–knowing, that as I learn and grow, so are you.

My hope is that in the crossing of our path’s, that you are inspired, challenged, motivated, enlightened, and most importantly, loved.